Steel Design is a design company founded in 2004 which managed to design over 450.000 square meters of constructions in 14 years.

The professionalism, positive attitude and thinking of our team propelled us in top of design companies, being involved in some important projects. Our purpose is to bring value to each and every project and to maintain the position earned by the seriousness, professionalism and flexibility of our team. Considering that in our activity we gave satisfaction in over 240 industrial, civil, technological, agricultural investments, we also provide consultancy, optimization, technical assistance and general design services.

Steel Design personnel has a relevant experience related to the design and conformity of structures which is also supplemented by many training stages in: USA, Canada and France. Thus, we were able to study thoroughly different technical solutions specific to markets with large experience in designing metal sheds. The performances of our team are supported by the use of the latest calculation and drawing programmes. It must be emphasized the fact that we completely work with legally purchased software.

We consider that when you design, it is a priority to provide the resistance and stability of constructions complying with the legislation in force, but we are aware that a good structure designer must permanently improve the consumption of materials that leads in the end to more reduced execution costs.


The greatest achievement of Steel Design is the unification of a young team working in a harmonious environment that encourages the freedom of creation. With this team we managed to develop good and long relations with our clients who constantly return to us with new investments.